Thanks for your booking

Thanks for booking your holiday with Kate Boats. On this page is information that we hope you will find helpful in your planning. There are also links to some useful websites. If you still have queries please feel free to email or ring, we are always happy to talk boats!


When you arrive at the boatyard please be sure to introduce yourself at reception where you will be shown to your boat, and given further instructions. In the reception at Warwick there is a small gift shop selling souvenirs and maps are available from both sites if required.

Check In

The boat will be ready from 2.30pm on the day of collection. Your introduction to the boat will take up to an hour, depending on previous experience, and we will then get you on your way. If you have no previous canal experience we will meet you at your first lock to ensure that we can explain safe usage. Please note that if you are going to be any later than 3.30pm could you please telephone us and let us know.

Check Out

The boats are to be returned to the base no later than 9.00am please, and vacated by 9.30am, this is to ensure that we have adequate time to carry out cleaning and maintenance checks to the boat ready for the next hirers.



We have parking space at the boatyard, however due to the small space we limit each boat to two cars only. The car park is locked for security however we advise you not to leave any valuables in your car. After your car is parked and your belongings on board please be sure to hand your keys into reception.


We have parking space at Stockton Top Lock Marina, however due to the space we also limit you to two cars per boat. The car park here is also locked and but we do not take your keys.


If travelling by train to;


The nearest station is Warwick Station and then it is a short walk to the boatyard.

Stockton Top MARINA

The nearest station is either Leamington Spa or Rugby station and then a taxi would be required to take you, which is roughly 10 miles from either station costing about £15.

There is usually a taxi rank outside the stations, however if there is no taxi then some useful numbers are; Rugby – 01788 540800 (Call a Car), Leamington – 01926 494989 (Castle Cars)


We don’t sell provisions at either of our bases due to the proximity of the local shops. If travelling from our Warwick base there is a small petrol station supermarket about a 3 minute walk away, and Tesco’s about 10 minutes along the canal. If travelling from our Stockton base then Southam is a small town about a two-mile drive away, here there are plenty of shops to get any provisions that you may require. will deliver to either base – if you arrange a 12pm – 2pm delivery slot and notify us beforehand, we will arrange that the shopping is put aboard.


Ideally any luggage and provisions that you take should be unpacked and suitcases left in your car before setting off.


All boats will have been thoroughly cleaned upon your arrival and clean bedding will have been provided.


All of the boats are equipped with a colour television and radio.

First Aid

A basic first aid kit can be found in the front of the boat adjacent to the television.


Buoyancy Aids are available at the boatyard but should be requested beforehand especially if travelling from Stockton Top Lock. They are fitted by weight, rather than age.

Under no circumstances will firearms, bicycles, dinghies or canoes be allowed on board the boat.

Reporting Of Accidents

In the event of an accident the hirer must promptly notify KATE BOATS WARWICK LTD with the full details and names and addresses of witnesses. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ADMIT LIABILITY.


The boat is always filled with diesel prior to your arrival and there is enough diesel for two weeks cruising. If travelling for more than two weeks and you need to refill with diesel please do so and we will reimburse you on your arrival back to the boatyard.


The toilets on all of our narrowboats, if used correctly as advised during your send out instruction, will only need pumping out at the end of each week which will be done when you have left the boat. If out for longer than a week and you require a pump out call in at the nearest boat yard and have one done.

Water Tank

The water tank holds approximately 200 gallons. This will already be filled when you take the boat. However you will need to refill it daily and will be instructed on how to do this during your send out instruction.


On the canals you can moor anywhere you like on the towpath side, unless otherwise stated though obviously giving some thought to other waterway travellers. The exception to this is NO MOORING WITHIN 50 YARDS OF A LOCK, OR BETWEEN LOCKS THAT ARE WITHIN 200 YARDS OF EACH OTHER. Also no mooring on sharp bends or near bridges or winding holes.  There are usually plenty of sites near towns and villages, especially where there are riverside pubs or hotels.


Route information is available in the brochure. Detailed canal guides are available for sale in the shop or can be sent out to you before arrival. Our staff will be pleased to give guidance during your send out if required.


If bringing dogs please be prepared to clean up after them.


Usual cruising speeds are about 2-3 miles an hour – a moderate walking speed. Please come prepared to Relax and Slow Down!

Boat Inventory


Dinner plates, Tea plates, Cereal bowls, Mugs


Tumblers, Wine glasses, Water jug


Knives, Desert spoon, Soup spoons, Teaspoons, Forks


Cafetiere, Teapot, Hot water jug, Milk jug, Sugar bowl, Eggcups, Salt and pepper, Butter dish, Large serving plate


Colander, Cheese grater, Fish slice, Slotted spoon, Potato masher, Whisk, Tin opener, Corkscrew / Bottle opener, Bread knife, 2 Vegetable knives, Wooden spoon, Tea strainer, Scissors, Potato peeler, Casserole dish and lid, Mixing bowl, Measuring jug, Ice Cube tray, Kettle, Saucepans and lids, Frying pan, Baking tray, Roasting tin, Washing up bowl, Sink tidy, Bread bin, Chopping board, Breadboard, Tray, Storage canisters, Ashtrays, Fruit bowl


Waste bins, Toilet brush and holder, Bucket, Scrubbing brush, Dust pan and brush, Broom, Doormats, First aid kit, Coat hangers

Going out kit

Toilet roll + 1 spare, Pack of 4 x white bin liners, 2 black sacks, 3 tea towels, Guest soaps, 2 j cloths, 1 scourer, Cream cleanser, Washing up liquid, Matches, Oven glove

Bedding as requested – duvet, duvet cover, pillows, pillow cases, sheet.