Canal Boat Hire FAQ

Frequently asked questions from our customers

Is the speed limit really 4 mph?

Yes. We need to get used to the idea that you can enjoy life by going relatively slowly. 4 mph is a comfortable walking pace, so someone on the bank can keep up with you. The speed is set to minimize damage to canal banks, and disturbance to the whole host of wildlife that the canal is home to. And lets face it with the speed we all live our lives these days it has to be good just to slow down.

And slower past moored boats?

Yes, if you are on a moored boat, however carefully moored it will move as a boat goes past, and if, as you will no doubt experience, someone goes past too fast the boat will rock alarmingly, so tickover past moored boats.

It is likely that if someone is shouting at you that you are moving too fast its because you are – just get into the rythm of it and slow down.

I’ve never done this before – will I cope?

You need to have someone in the group able to cope with the locks, which have to be pushed, pulled and the paddles “wound”, and someone needs to be able to pop on and off the boat easily to pull ropes and get the boat into position sometimes.  We will show you how everything works, and take you to the first lock if you haven’t done it before.

Anything useful to bring with me?

Bring a torch, sensible shoes, and don’t forget your towels, we only provide towels for overseas visitors. When you have paid your final balance you will get a “useful information” leaflet, which tells you what is on the boat.

Is there a fridge?

There is an underbench fridge, with small freezer compartment.

What sort of cooker?

Gas 4 burner hob with oven and grill, some are built in, some free standing.

Are there electric sockets?

The boat has 240 electric with normal 3 pin sockets, there is a limit to what it can run, but fine for charging electrical kit, and a bit more. We supply the hair dryer. If you can’t live without straighteners it will run those.

Have you got internet aboard

We don’t, reception around the system varies. Your smart phone may well offer a good data connection. Many pubs offer free Wifi these days, or just tell them at work that you can’t be reached, and enjoy turning off the technology!


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