Inclusive Pricing

Our prices are inclusive, which means that when you make the booking you will not find additional charges for:

  • Damage waiver
  • Diesel
  • Gas
  • Credit card charges

If you are comparing prices with other companies you will have to check carefully whether fuel is included, and whether other items will be added to your final bill.

The only additional costs with us are if you are bringing a pet (£25), and when you arrive at our base we will suggest that a guide book might be useful (£8.95 – 14.99). Apart from that all our charges are in the price that you see on the price list, a simple concept, but one that other companies are not always employing.

Prices can be found here

Availability (on the right) shows short breaks, weeks, 10 and 11 days, and fortnights.

[cryout-button-color url=”” color=”#47AFFF”]Try our new booking system which gives additional options[/cryout-button-color] 

Try our new booking system – allows you to book up to 3 weeks

Bookings can be made either by using the side bar to find a suitable boat and date and making the booking through the form, or give us a ring or an email with your requirements and we will send you a booking form to complete online, or complete a booking form over the phone.

However if you would prefer to discuss your requirements with a real person please phone 01926 492968. Our experienced staff can advise on boats and routes, and provide answers to those questions that often worry those new to the delights of narrowboating.

But isn’t it an expensive holiday?

Don’t forget when you are comparing with other self catering holidays that the boat is the holiday, once on your way there are remarkably few “spending opportunities”.  We often get people coming back commenting that they spent far less than they expected.

Some days you may struggle to find a shop to buy an ice cream!

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