Travel Insurance

This morning I had another call from a customer, and there have been quite a few this year, explaining how someone in the family has been taken ill, and they won’t be able to get away on their holiday which they were due to go in on the next couple of weeks, and asking what the situation is. My answer is to suggest that they contact their travel insurance, and the reply to that is, we didn’t do insurance, didn’t think we would need it!

My situation is that as a small family business we have an empathy with customers and so although I have no legal requirement to do it we will usually try and provide another boat at a suitable point, however it is a direct loss to me, we can rarely book these last minute vacancies, and if we do it is at a discount, and I am providing another holiday in the future, which may (or may not) have booked.

Please have a look at a single trip insurance policy, I can see prices online as low as £14.