Useful Information


When you arrive at the boatyard, there will be a chain across the entrance. Please wait in your car and and member of staff will come and greet you once all of our checks are complete. They will advise you where to park and show you to your boat. If you are plan to be returning early from your holiday, let us know on arrival so your car can be parked for accessibility.


The boat will be ready from 2.30pm on the day of collection. Your introduction (“send-out”) to the boat will take around an hour, depending on your previous experience we will then get you on your way. If you have no previous experience we will accompany you to the first lock where we will explain how to operate the lock safely, plus that you feel confident on handling the boat. ( This could take around an hour and half) If you are going to arrive any later than 3.30pm on the day of arrival, please telephone us.


Please return the boat to the base no later than 9.00am, and vacate it by 9.30am. This is so that we have time to clean, refuel and carry out maintenance checks ready for the next hirer. Late returns will be charged.


We have limited parking space at the marina, we must limit each boat to two cars only. We advise that you do not leave any valuables in your car even though the site is secured by an electric gate.  


We will send you directions in a separate document, detailing how to get to us by driving and by public transport.


We don’t sell provisions at the boatyard, so please make sure you have what you need until you reach a shop on your route. If you do need to shop on your way to us, the nearest town is Southam, located about 2 miles away, and has a Co Op and a Tesco.

You can also arrange for a supermarket to deliver provisions to us. This is a good idea for our overseas customers who do not have transport.


We suggest that any luggage you bring should be unpacked and cases left in your car before you set off.


All the boats are equipped with a standard car stereo and colour television/DVD player. However, we cannot guarantee that you will get a TV signal on the canal network.


A first aid kit is not available, please bring your own.


Buoyancy aids are available. These are “sized” on the weight of the user, so please weigh yourself (especially children) before you arrive. Please let us know when you arrive if you would like to borrow any. All boats have three fire extinguishers and a fire blanket as well as smoke and CO detectors.

Under no circumstances will firearms, bicycles, dinghies or canoes be allowed on board the boat.

We do not allow single handed cruising. There must be two adults aboard.


In the event of an accident, the hirer must promptly notify KATE BOATS WARWICK LTD. With the full details, including names and addresses of any witnesses. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU ADMIT LIABILITY.


The boat will be filled with diesel before you arrive. There will be enough diesel to last over a week. If you are travelling for longer, you may need to refill with diesel.


The gas bottles will be checked before you arrive. There should be enough gas available for your cruise. In the unlikely event that the gas does run out, you can exchange the bottles at most marinas along the canal.


The toilet tanks will be fully pumped out before you arrive. If used as told during your send-out they should not need to be pumped out on short breaks. If the toilet does get full, most marinas will be able to provide you with a pump-out for a small fee.


The water tank will be filled before you arrive. The tank holds approximately 200 gallons, but we recommend that you top it up every day. All of our boats have water filters so it is safe to drink the water. You will be told how to top up the water tank during your send-out.


You can moor anywhere you like on the towpath side, unless otherwise advised. The exception is that you must not moor within 50 yards of a lock, or between locks that are less than 200 yards apart. Bollards at locks and water points are only to be used for that facility. Be mindful of other canal users and avoid mooring on sharp bends or close to bridges and winding holes.


We have some route information on our website. You can buy some detailed guides on arrival, and our team will be happy to offer advice.


Please keep your dog on a lead at our bases and be prepared to clean up after them. Bring suitable bedding and please keep your dogs off the boat seating and bedding.


We are sorry, but bicycles cannot be brought on board our boats.


The usual cruising speed is about 2-3 mph – a moderate walking pace.



Dinner plates
Tea plates
Cereal bowls


Wine glasses
Water jug


Desert spoons
Tea spoons


Milk jug
Sugar bowl
Butter dish
Large serving plate


Cheese grater
Fish slice
Slotted spoon
Potato masher
Tin opener
Corkscrew / bottle opener
Bread knife
Vegetable knives (2)
Wooden spoon
Potato peeler
Casserole dish with lid
Mixing bowl
Measuring jug
Ice cube tray
Saucepans and lids
Frying pan
Baking tray
Roasting tin
Washing up bowl
Chopping board


Waste bins
Toilet brush and holder
Dust pan and brush
Clothes hangers

Domestic Supplies

Toilets rolls (1 per toilet)
Bin liners
Bin sacks (2)
Tea towels (3)
Cleaning cloth (1)
Pan scourer
Multi-purpose spray cleaner
Washing up liquid/Hand wash dispenser(kitchen)
Box of matches
Oven glove


Bed linen as requested at the time of booking the boat, and confirmed in your documentation (Duvet, duvet cover, pillow, pillowslips, bottom sheet, mattress protector). Bath and hand Towels are only provided for overseas hirers.